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Only 15 min - 5 exercises that burn the most calories

Updated: Aug 12

burn calories

Is it really possible to burn calories as fast as you put it on? Picture this: striding with an irresistibly perfect body without working your fingers to the bone. But, keeping aside a few people, most have to face the vicious impact of feasts and can only dream of staying within medium size. The moment of concern arises when you can't adjust 1-hour of workouts in your daily routine!

Exercise can seem a mundane routine and more likely weary if you are an individual having lots of tasks on daily list. In this case, you might think of a shortcut or foolproof crash diet to get to the goal in blazing light speed. You don't need to stand any shortcut side effects when you can get healthier yet expedient results with daily 15 minutes.

We have gathered 5 at home exercises to most calories in 15 minutes and escalate your weight loss journey similar to ice cream melt. These exercises are catalysts for your stamina and metabolism, which will assist you in weight maintenance on off days as well. Explore these 5 fat-burners to welcome your dream body without any equipment or shaking your routine up!

Jumping Jacks

Need a quick blood pump to the whole body? Jumping jacks work no less than an engine to steer each muscle group and revamp tissue coordination to encourage flexibility.

Here you need to start with a usual standing position. Then, take a jump while spreading your legs wider than your hips-width and raise your hands straight above your head, enough to have a clap. Bring your hands down and legs back to normal resting position.

Here you complete one rep of jumping jack. To get a maximum burn of around 200 calories ( depending on the person's statistics), you can attempt 3-6 sets of upto 60 reps. Before opting a routine, you should avoid playing with fire and consider your fitness level to increase the intensity steadily.

Jumping Lunges

Squat and lunges - a flaming combo to engage glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps in the best possible way. The combined movement of the lower body to core can ignite a rapid blood circulation and heart rate that won't only contribute to fat loss, but also rejuvenate joint health for a prosperous future.

First step is parting your legs to shoulders-width and bring your foot forward by taking a step. Then get a bit low after bending knees and take a lunge position. For the right position, your front knee should align with the ankle and back knee should stay an-inch float above the ground. Take a jump to move your both legs back to the starting position.

This coordinative move takes a lot of energy if done with firm focus. You may incorporate 4 sets of 20 jumping lunges to burn as much as 200 calories in 15 minutes.

Flat out Burpees

Another whole body exercise to lever up metabolism with a beam of energy and burn! This is a plyometric exercise with the union of plank, squats, pushups and jumps. It doesn't let any body part suffocate from enhanced blood flow and diagonal engagement. Therefore, with just 5-6 sets of 10 reps, you can wipe off 200 calories!

To perform this, take a routine standing position and then squat while bending your knees and keeping your hands on the ground at your front side. Then push back your feet with a kick and stable yourself into a plank. Bend your elbows and perform a pushup while ensuring your chest hover a bit above the ground. Now, come back to plank position, kick forward your feet close to your hands and stand up while performing a jumping jack.

You can fill up your bucket with lots of benefits while indulging burpees on a daily basis. It's an overhaul way to gain mental sharpness with muscle toning while exercising in a laser focused way.

Butt kicks

Butt kicks are also called heel-to-buttocks kicks and you may need to prepare yourself with a huge melt down post session. It adheres to a fixed yet dynamic movement to achieve the desired results. It targets the diverse motion of glutes, calves and quadriceps to restore the flexibility of ligaments. With a balanced and coordinated reps for 15 minutes, you can leverage it to kill 180 calories!

That is what you need to do - take the position of jogging by keeping your stance of shoulders-width and start jogging. Try to keep your back straight and focus on your core to take most support from there. Then lift your heels back alternatively towards your glutes, as high as you can, and bring them back to the ground after giving a kick.

Aim for a balanced flow and engage your heels with proper form. Begin with 2-3 sets then start to increase it to 5 sets of 2 minutes of butt kicks and a few seconds of break in between.

Knee Taps

Say farewell to swagy tummy - A tight yet strong core is no more a tough nut to crack. Knee taps is an energy drainer exercise that particularly works your balance and flexibility while calorie burn of upto 120 calories in 15 minutes.

For this, take a stance with a shoulder width between both feet and bring up your right leg. Now, move your right hand simultaneously towards your knee to touch it. Push back your right feet to the ground and perform the same movement on your left leg. Keep recurring pace with alternating legs and try to keep a streamlined flow without any halt.

You may try with 2-3 sets of 20 reps per leg in the beginning. As soon as you experience increased resistance and stability, you may challenge yourself with even 6 sets to catch the most sweat drop in 15 minutes.

Final Takeaway

Doing these exercises religiously daily with smooth performance and body language is the gateway to increased strength. You might feel pain and teary in the beginning, but with the time you will gain resistance and will be able to do more arduous workouts

Therefore, adjusting yourself with high-intensity exercise will take you time in beginning. You can increase intensity add weights/ equipment by the time when you get comfortable or hit plateau. Attaining strength and resilience is better but in the meantime, you should keep a close look at your leisure time and feed your body well for better recovery.

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